I grew up in New York where I went to the High School For Art And Design, then graduated from PRATT Institute with a degree in architecture. Soon after that, my family moved to Columbus, OH where I met my wife, now married for 9 years and counting. No children, just two dogs. Bromus, a German Shepherd and Nanook, a Siberian Husky. I also have a green cheeked canure named Yuna. Yes, Yuna based on the character from Final Fantasy X. :-)

My current hobbies include building garage kits/models, playing video games, watching movies, music, reading and any fun sports I can find time to do. The type of kits I like to build are mostly anime and horror, though I like anything else that is good. As for video games, I like everything except racing games and any type of simulators. I don't need a game that is realistic. Life is real enough, I play games for fantasy and make believe. If I want to worry about car physics, I'll go drive my own car. Don't need to play a game for that. :-) My favorites are probably RPGs and action adventure. Although I own all consoles, my favorite is still the PS2, mostly because it has the most games I enjoy playing.

That's about all I can think of to say about me. :-)

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