I will paint your resin model kits and garage figures

MORE UPDATES... Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. The galleries have actually been updated regularly, just not the front page. But now the updating is UPDATED!

In case you missed them, Diving Belle, Cave Girl and Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman are up in the gallery.

Two new paintups of Peter Cushing and Son of Frankesntein. I've also updated the gallery software, which should eliminate some of the error messages you've been getting.

That Innsmouth Look and Cthulhu Idol

new gallery.

two more finished for 2011: The X-Men's Rogue and Psylocke. I also want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Have a safe one.

sculpted by Moses Jaen. Just uploaded my latest paintup. Getting in the Halloween mood, so I thought I'd do something horror related.
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... She has big... WINGS! What did you think I was talking about? Just finished the sexy Mina. Really nice model kit, very detailed, I really like the skin folds, the way they were sculpted, very reaslistic anatomy, other than the slightly oversized chest.

... New paintup uploaded, Karina sculpted by Gabriel Garcia. If you're interested in this kit, you can purchase is directly from the sculptor at Gabe Garcia Blog.

... Resin Creations is proud to announce a new resin model kit, sculpted by Joe Simon, loosely based on the Hellraiser Pinhead character. It is a large 1/6 scale, standing 12" tall. Now SOLD OUT!

... New update with Simon Lee's first Kappa kit. Twisted like all of Simon's sculpts, this turtle was a lot of fun to build and paint!

... I am proud to announce a new kit I am currently producing, titled Deadly Bite. Originally produced by Model Giants (who recently closed shop), I have purchased the rights to produce this kit from them. Sculpted by the super talented Joe Simon, Deadly Bite is a monster of a kit, 1/6 scale, which includes the large spider creature, the girl victim and the huge and detailed base. All pressure cast in high quality resin, the kit sells for only $180 plus shipping. That comes out to be only $90 per 1/6 scale figure, not to mention the base. Check out our Online Store to place your order.
Resin model kit: Deadly Bite Spider Creature by Joe Simon

Couple New Ones
... Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Actually I've added some new gallery entries over the last month, I just didn't get to update the blog. First is a sexy kit depicting a Fairy that I picked up at Wonderfest this year. I don't know what it's called but I really liked the sculpt. Next is Devilman Embrace, the best Devilman sculpt I've ever seen! This kit is mostly a one piece statue that is very much a painter's kit. If you manage to find an original one, I highly recommend picking it up.

Devilman Siren
... Updated the anime gallery with this very sexy paintup of Silene or Siren from the Devil Man series.

... Without a doubt, the best action pose Wolverine kit ever sculpted! This is what all Superhero kits should be like, I say enough with the museum poses, we want ACTION POSES! lol But seriously, I can see the attraction of museum pose pieces, but for me... I'll take a nice action pose any day.

Do you miss Lost?
... I do! One of my favorite TV shows, EVER! We all miss Lost but now we can have our very own cast of characters, thanks to Titan Find and sculptor Troy Mcdevitt. These model kits are truly something special... not only is the likeness of each character perfect, they manage to do something much more difficult and that is to capture the true essence of these characters. These model kits won't break the bank and the detail and casting is second to none. Retailing for only $55 plus shipping, they are a must have for any Lost fan.

I don't usually go out of my way to promote model kits but these are something very special. Check them out at Titan Find and help support the sculptor and producer and keep the series going. Word is Kate will be the next in line!

Lost TV Show cast of characters: Hurley, Sawyer and Locke
Liberty Meadows
... a very cool kit of Brandy from Liberty Meadows with a few modifications. I tried to paint the shirt to look like it's made of a thin material, almost see through but not really. For this, I had to cover up the Beltsville logo on her shirt and sculpt in the nipples. Yes, it's cold in the room! lol When I took these pictures, I had forgotten to paint in her belt buckle, otherwise this is the completed paintup.

Graf Orlok
... sculpted by Staffan Linder of Swede Creations, this little Nosferatu kit is chuck full of character and has to be one of the front runners for the coolest base ever in a model kit. I picked it up at the recent Wonderfest and couldn't wait to start painting! I chose to go with a brown, subdued pallette to portray the age of the character and used a little artistic license to paint the rats a lighter color, just to make them stand out a little. A small model kit but one of my favorite Nosferatus ever!

Mary Jane
... is she putting Spiderman's clothes on or taking them off? Either was, she looks very sexy! Cool kit I just finished painting for a client.

Very Cool Kits
... I wanted to post about these two really cool kits I just got, both sculpted by Robert Blair. Robert is one of the most original sculptors around. I would place him along with Casey Love and Simon Lee. If you're looking for a typical superhero kit in a standing pose, look elsewhere. But if you want an original take on a character, with lots of attitude and detail, check out Robert's site: http://www.blairsculpture.ca/ The two kits I bought are the Hobgoblin and Nosferatu and both are really unique and must haves in my opinion. Check out his site and help support unique sculptors like Robert.

Link List
... I have started to update my link list with vendors and sculptors that I recommend. There're a lot of low lives in this hobby, but these guys I have done business with and I can vouch for them. Not only do they have excellent customer service, but they offer very unique and attractive model kits.

Monster Hunter Kirin
... a very detailed and cool model kit of Kirin from Monster Hunter. This model was so detailed with so many things going on, I had a lot of trouble getting good pictures. Finally had to resort to the good ol light tent.

Nagle Hulk
... I think I found the coolest Hulk sculpt ever. Shawn Nagle did an awesome job on it! A lot of fun to paint too!

Scarlet Witch
... finished a new kit, Scarlet Witch from CB.

King and Queen
... two new buildups. First is the beautiful Queen of Atlantis from Model Giants. Second is Invictus Wolverine.

Two new updates... first up is my 2nd commission of the sexy Atlier Girl. Second is a personal paintup of the Great Beast, sculpted by Paco Dietz.

Updating the blog with the latest site updates... First up is a really cool kit called Urd and World of Elegance. This is one of the more interesting kits I ever worked on, definitely a builders kit more than painters. Second is another Pyramid Head. Personally I really like this sculpt... very nice texture work and pose. I especially love the sculpted texture in the pyramid head. The kit was produced by Headlong.

So.... you want to buy kits from Mojo Resin? Click HERE to see what you can expect as far as casting quality. This was sent to me by a client who bought the kit directly from Mojo Resin. The entire surface area looks just like that.

Updated the gallery with my latest commission, a 1/6 scale sexy contortionist. It's actually bigger than 1/6 scale, probably closer to 1/5?

Other than the gallery update, I am still looking on updating the gallery program, to something faster and more compact, so you don't have to click so many times to just get to the large format images.

New site update with a recently completed bust of the Zombie Gunslinger. Is it just me or does this look like a zombie Clint Eastwood?

Just finished these two Silent Hill figures for a client. They come from Hellpainter and as can be expected, the sculpting is perfect. Casting not so good but definitely worth the extra work, especially for a Silent Hill 2 fan.

New gallery added of 1/5 scale Morrigan. If anyone is a fan of Darkstalkers, this is a great kit, the best Morrigan kit out there in my opinion and pretty large too.

Some changes coming over then next few weeks... nothing big, I'm just going to clean the site a little, remove really old work to make more space on the server.

I added a couple of finished models for sale in the Online Store. I'm trying to make some room on the shelves for new stuff, so if this sale goes well, I will add more over the next month.

Also a new model kit finished, Belldandy in Racing Outfit.

First, I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Enjoy the turkey and good company! Second, I just finished a new kit, Guts and Farnese from the anime Berserk, 1/10 scale.

New model kit review up. This is a review of two lovable original creations from Mike Falcigno. Head on over to the Model Kit Reviews and check them out.

Too much time has passed without a site update. Time for some new work... first up is this Friday The 13th Jason bust I painted for a client. This will be a line of pre-painted busts. If you'd like more info, just send me an email and I'll point you in the right direction. More updates to come, SOON!

Wow!!! Over 2 months since the last blog update! Sorry about that... I didn't mean for it to go that long, but I've been really busy with work and the galleries have been updated with a number of new models. The last two are the Reaper Bust from Forbidden Zone and Kanu, with changing outfit. Next update... much sooner, I promise.

Added a new section to the site, Model Kit Reviews. Here I will review current kits, on a scale from 1 to 5. First up is She-Hulk from Resin Pimps.

Finally updated the front page with two new commission jobs. I usually tend to lag a little with the front page updates, but the galleries are always up to date. So check those even if you don't see anything new on the front page.

Also, I have changed servers and because of this, some emails have been lost. If you sent me an email and never got a reply, please send it again.

Two new kits finished: Hellraiser Spike and Batman Dark Winters. If interested in purchasing either of these two kits, you can buy Spike from Mad Dog Resin and Batman from Amok Time. Both are excellent kits, Spike with all that gory detail and Batman with the emotion and that sad, thoughtful expression.

Recent Completed Work

Cthulhu Idol

That Innsmouth Look